Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Knitted Hat and Scarf - Green and Blue Tartan (c_m)

A merry hello to you all! The weekend is here, I love how it keeps coming around. It’s delightfully dependable like that. Naturally with it comes the Sixty Linden Weekend sale, and our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of lovely items for your bargain shopping enjoyment. First up, in preparation for some of the cool and windy weather that is bound to hit some areas this time of year, you may find much comfort in a knitted scarf and hat set. Protect the delicate tips of your ears from any bitter chills with the cozy pom hat in an inviting green and blue tartan, right along with the matching scarf to keep your neckline all nice and snug.

Lady Juliet - White and Fawn (copy_mod)

Once away from the chill you can adorn your lovely head with Lady Juliet, in white and fawn. She’s a true delight for the feminine side, the soft white with roses nestled into the satin ribbon, all finished off with a lovely bow and baby’s breath. Both of these will be available for the 60L special until the end of Sunday eve. And as you are shopping, be sure to make sure you’re all set for Halloween with the selection of seasonal goodies you’ll find. Raven feathers anyone? They’re simply bewitching! Take care, and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Raven Feather


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