Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend/New Releases

Hatpins - Robyn Hat - Red

(Alternate Title: Of Hatpins and Dragons)

So there I sat, all curled up in a cozy little woodland den having a chat with my favorite dragon when I realized something… It’s the weekend! Surely this means there are Sixty Linden Weekend goodies to be had. So I gave Zephyr a little nudge and we crept out to see what delights we could find. He’s a fae dragon you see, this is how he fit into the cozy little den. I heard the most delightful trumpets of joy when we walked through the doors of Hatpins, for Zephyr was beyond thrilled with the offerings. Not only has our dear Miss Reghan put out two wonderful bargains, she’s put out two NEW wonderful bargains. Better still, they’re both red, a color my dear dragon friend utterly adores, for it reminds him of his beloved Sidra. Sweet Sidra is a fae princess with incredible crimson tresses, but that my dears is another story! Now, shall we enjoy a look at the new goodies? First up is the Robyn Hat, in that scrumptious red with black and adorned with feathery feathers of feather fluffery delight, as well as some perfectly lovely flowers and netting. Zephyr! Those flowers are not for eating, get out of there!

Hatpins - Pashmina Scarf - Red and Gold

Next you will find the Pashmina Scarf in red and gold. The texture on this scarf is absolutely striking, so rich and festive. A perfect addition for your winter holiday outfits perhaps? Surely not something to be passed up at the bargain of 60L. Psssst, silly dragon, that is not a treasure for your hoard. I swear I can’t take you anywhere! Both hat and scarf will be available til Sunday eve at the special price.

And while you are enjoying your shopping, if you’ve not had a chance to find that POE globe yet, then here’s a good time. It’s stuffed full of wonderful goodies. A top hat, two versions of a nummerful houndstooth scarf and two versions of pince-nez. With that I leave you to enjoying yourselves. Be well and we will see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Peace On Earth

ZEPHYR! Come down from up there, you cannot convince the customers you’re a gargoyle!


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