Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - What Wrought Earrings - Moonstone (new!)

Aha, the weekend! It is here, and there… and also over there! Egads, it’s all over the place. Along with the weekend of course we have that Sixty Linden Weekend sale, and naturally Miss Reghan has some goodies out for your bargain finding happiness. First up we’ve a delectable new pair of the What Wrought Earrings, ever so enticing with the delicate metalwork methinks! I know my ears are certainly happier with pretty things suspended from them, and yours could be too.

And then we’ve Lady Effie, in a beautiful rose tone. She’s waiting to make her home atop your head in all her feminine glory. Both of these items will be available at the special 60L price until Sunday Eve. While you’re shopping do be sure to have some fun hunting for the Steam 8 prize. More details and a post on that will be coming later, after I stop playing with the toy that is part of the prize. Oh fine… maybe playing isn’t the right word there. It could be the toy has escaped and I’m out hunting for it. Just don’t tell me I picked it up and put it away and totally forgot I’d done so, eh? I’d be ever so embarassed! A lovely weekend to you all and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Lady Effie - Rose - copy_mod


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