Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Gracie Straw Hat - Turquoise

The weekend is here! Egads! You see, I completely lost track of the time in what was a rather dire emergency. My dear friend Mister Cocohops contacted me in quite a tizzy. It would seem his ears had been bitten off. It was a bit confusing trying to learn just what happened as neither of us are particularly proficient in bunny sign language, and I’m sure to him everything I said sounded like gwarfgobble. That’s to be expected with no ears! In the meantime while I was caught up rescuing Cocohops, our dear Miss Reghan put out some lovely bargains for your shopping pleasure! Perhaps some lovely bonnets for the holiday, and all the other days? Why yes, this is a good plan! You’ll find the lovely Gracie in a couple of colors. A lovely turquoise and then an easter colored one in purple and yellow. Both are delightful, both are a nice bargain at 60L.

Hatpins - Gracie Straw Hat - Easter

For those who wish a bit more freedom for the tops of their heads, there is the option of the Bethan wreath, let the springtime breeze caress your tresses as you frolic about wearing these lovely blossoms in delectable colors. But hurry, the sale prices only last until Sunday eve. Oh, and for the record, we did manage to find new ears for Mister Cocohops and he’s happily dining on eggs full of the most fascinating goo! Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Bethan Hair Wreath - Easter Roses - copy_mod_resize


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