Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Gracie Straw Hat - Minty

Welcome to the weekend! The sun is shining, the breezes breezing and the swans… making swan noises. Life is beautiful, and so are the delightful bargains our dear Miss Reghan has available for you this weekend. You will find the final two colors of the Gracie set as the Sixty Linden Weekend specials. First up is a delightful mint that will make you the envy of those not so fortunate to own such a delectable headpiece. And if mint is not quite your color then turn your eyes to the golden version of Gracie, who is bound to warm the heart in wonderful ways.

Hatpins - Gracie Straw Hat - Golden

From there it gets really interesting. You see, Frankie here decided he wants to be special too, more special than normal. So you will find him in tortoiseshell and available for 60L as well. The great bit with Frankie is he suits the ladies and gents both! And who can resist feasting their eyes on Reg as the model? I may look guilty there, yes I do. I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of shopping joy, and other joys as well. We’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Frankie Horn-Rimmed Specs - Tortoiseshell


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