Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Tethys Top Hat - Jade (new colour)

Greetings and joyous salutations to you, and you and even you! I hope the weekend is finding you all well and fine. I’m certainly feeling on top of my game… or is that my hat? Why yes, on top of my hat. You see, our dear Miss Reghan has a top hat out as one of the Sixty Linden Weekend specials, and I’m rather overjoyed about that. How can I resist the pretty lace, the tantalizing netting or that prettiful cameo that adorns the Tethys hat? (Prettiful is so a word, honest!) And I certainly cannot find it in myself to resist the yummy jade color. I will embrace it and nibble it… oh wait, if I recall correctly I’m not allowed to eat the hats. Please don’t tell the milliner!

Hatpins - Vintage Shell Cameo Ring and Earrings

I’ll just glide over this way all nonchalantly and show you the other item, eh? You’ll find a darling jewelry set for the special bargain price of 60L, a Vintage Shell Cameo Ring and Earrings. This touch of feminine gives me smiles, perhaps it can do the same for you! Remember, the sale is only on until Sunday eve, so feel free to take the handy dandy carriage to Hatpins. I wish you all a fine weekend, and the week that follows as well. I’ll just be over here… NOT nomming on my hat.

Of Hats and Pins


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