Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Eddison Fedora

Welcome to the weekend and the joy of the Sixty Linden Weekend sale! What’s that? You think I’m trying to lure you into shopping with the power of Reg’s yummy gaze? Le’gasp! You’re on to me. While we’re admiring that handsome face shall we take a gander at the fabulous hat he’s sporting? The Eddison Fedora is one of the three items you’ll find on special this weekend thanks to our dear Miss Reghan. But now back to Reg, eh? Below you’ll see him looking absolutely spectacular (As if he EVER looked anything but spectacular) in the Casey Spectacles in silver.

Hatpins - Casey Spectacles - Silver

Now, for our next lovely item… Hey Reg, let them come over here now please. They can go back to admiring you when I’m done, I promise! Miss Reghan has an absolutely lovely hair wreath out to appeal to our love of pretty blossoms. Sweet roses and delicate baby’s breath certainly cheers my day up, perhaps it can do the same for yours. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Bethan Wreath - Cheery Roses


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