Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Arabella Hair Wreath - Yellow Roses

The day is beautiful, the weekend is here and everything is coming up roses! Take a deep breathe and delight in the wonderful aroma. Mmmmmmmmm. Our dear Miss Reghan has three lovely items up for your shopping pleasure in this round of Sixty Linden Weekend. Perhaps the lovely Arabella will win your heart with her pretty yellow roses and scrumptious daisies. She has won mine, especially in this color.

Hatpins - Dusty Pink Roses Hair Comb

Hatpins - Roseanne Hat - Pink

Next we have more rose enhanced beauties. The Dusty Pink Roses Hair Comb is an elegant beauty and ever so well suited for all those pretty updos some of us love to wear. And then there’s sweet Roseanne. She’s a sweet little straw boater and ever so pretty in pink. Perfect for taking with you wherever you go! Remember, these three items are available at the 60L bargain price until Sunday eve. I’m off to dance around in Arabella. I wish you all a lovely weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins!



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