Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Golden Pearl Flower Earrings

Well hello there! Is it the weekend again already? Methinks time is flying, I swear it was just last weekend the last time I blinked. So here we are, and there’s Miss Reghan all ready with some special bargains for your shopping pleasures. It’s a pearl of a weekend this time, with not one, not two but three pearly delights available! First up are the Golden Pearl Flower Earrings, beautiful adornments to grace your ears and accentuate the necks of all the lovely ladies. Now, take a moment if you will to imagine a gallant knight riding forth into battle while wearing these beauties. You see, back in the dark ages not only maidens cherished these lovely gems… The knights would wear them into battle believing their magic would protect them from harm. Though I do imagine they didn’t wear them suspended from their ears!

Hatpins - Golden Pearl Flower Hair Comb

Now, must stop daydreaming about noble knights saving us from terrible things and bring myself back to the present. Next up you’ll find the hair comb to match those earrings, a piece that takes me back to my childhood and all the fancy and sparkly combs I used to adore tucking into my often tousled tresses while playing dress-up. I know, I know… slipping into the past again, these things cannot be helped. Ahhh the happy memories. And finally we have the Golden Pearl Flower Necklace, an ever elegant beauty that’s just waiting to rest about your neck with that lovely blossom nestled against your throat. Timeless, beautiful, and all of them can be yours for only 60L each this weekend. Make your way down to Hatpins before Sunday eve. A wonderful weekend to you all!

Hatpins - Golden Pearl Flower Necklace


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