Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Tarnished Silver Cameo Earrings

Oh look at that! Weekend! Great time for a sale, don’t you think? Good thing that the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale has come along to help us all out there. Our dear Miss Reghan has a few delights out for your bargain shopping pleasure, let’s take a peek at them, shall we? First up are some pretty cameo earrings in a tarnished silver. Delicate and dangly, I could be quite happy wearing these. And to be sure I can see them perhaps I’ll scoop up the second special item, the Micah Spectacles. We’ll go with those in gold, seeing as that’s the color on sale… a nice mix of silver and gold. I’m mixing and matching you see.

Hatpins - Micah Spectacles - Gold
Hatpins - Arabella Hair Wreath - Yellow Roses

Now let’s move on to the final specials, shall we? Arabella is making a return, and this week you’ve the choice between the yellow roses and the pink roses. I can’t seem to make up my mind, so I’m going to have to go with both at once. That is what I call a mix. But first I have to catch the lass who is running off with my pink rose wreath. Get back you you fiendish fiend! A good weekend to you all and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Arabella Pink


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