Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Brett Spectacles and Sunglasses

Oh hello there! Welcome to the weekend, would you like to have a seat and something to drink.. perhaps served with a sale or two? Okay, technically it’s one sale but there are two items. I’m so counting that as two sales because it makes me happy to do so. Sixty Linden Weekend is here and our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of bargains for you to sip on. Or… you could wear them instead. Whatever floats your boat! First up are the Brett Spectacles and Sunglasses. These have you covered from looking smart to being diva, all in a gorgeous shade of blue. And to go along wonderfully well with these is the Heidi Straw Hat in that same cornflower blue. Heidi is the sweet simplicity some have been craving and you get two versions, with a bow and without. The pretty lace can be tinted to suit your needs or even removed to make for a simpler look. Sweet variety! Both items can be found for the special 60L price until Sunday eve. I’m off to enjoy not catching some rays and wish you all a beautiful weekend. Until next time, we’ll see you at Hatpins.

Hatpins - Heidi Straw Hat - Cornflower

Walking On Sunshine


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