Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Clarissa Hat - Lemon Yellow and Cream

Would you believe the weekend is here? A fabulous thing, isn’t it? Best of all the Sixty Linden Weekend sale is in full swing and our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of lovelies for your bargain shopping pleasure. Above you’ll see the Clarissa hat, being adorable with her straw, lace and ribbons. This little darling has apparently delighted my senses with her soft cheery colors, for I find myself mentally rewriting the Lemon Tree song to be Lemon Cream, hat so pretty and your ribbons are so sweet… Yeah, there’s a reason I never became a songwriter! I suppose you could say Clarissa makes my heart sing, eh?

Hatpins - Moonstone and Silver Earrings

And speaking of giving my heart happies, let me show you the second item you’ll find for 60L this weekend. The Moonstone and Silver earrings speak right to my heart, I’ve a special fondness for moonstone. Perhaps these pretty oval bits of shimmering beauty with delicate bead drops will find their way into yours as well! I know, you’re anxious to get to the shopping, so I’ll leave you for now with wishes for an enchanting weekend. We’ll see you at Hatpins.



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