Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Hatpins - Liadan Hair Wreath - Burgundy and White Roses

Ahhh, the weekend has arrived and with it is the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. Shall we see what our dear Miss Reghan has in store for your shopping delight? Oh yes we shall! We have two variations on one of my favorite wreaths this weekend, the lovely Liadan. She’s fit for a princess, or even for your everyday ordinary lass. Would m’lady like to wear the Burgundy and White Roses? You’ll be sure to delight and enchant all the hearts in this beauty.

Hatpins - Liadan Hair Wreath - Black and White Roses

Or perhaps you would enjoy the striking beauty of the Black and White Roses. They certainly delighted young Dhaelis, who I let borrow my wreath in an attempt to soothe her frustration after the incident that shall be known as Pixeldent. (More on that episode over on PixelCat)

The Soothing

If you are anything like me you’ll wish to take them both home with you, for variety is such a wonderful thing to satisfy the everchanging whims of ladies of all ages! Both wreaths are available at the special 60L price until Sunday eve. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins.


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