Hatpins – My 60L Secret

Hatpins - What Wrought Earrings - Jet

Ready to try something a little bit different? Yes? Great! I am too, and so it would seem is Miss Reghan. So here I am ready to tell you about some special bargains, and you don’t have to wait until Friday night to find them! And if the weekend keeps you all tied up there’s no need to feel out of sorts, for the sale items will still be on sale through Monday. Ooooo yes, music to my ears, and hopefully yours as well. Now… About those ears! Our dear Miss Reghan is participating in My 60L Secret and the first of the two items you’ll find for sale is a lovely accessory, the What Wrought Earrings in jet. Delicate, gorgeous and with many scintillating curves, need I say more?

Hatpins - Celeste Hat - Black and White

Then for your lovely head we have a hat that’s simply to die for. Though I would please ask you not to actually die, coffins and hats don’t play nicely together truly. Celeste is a vision of loveliness in the wonderful contrast of black and white. Her wide brim exudes feminine grace and the roses that adorn her crown, well who can resist such beauty? Best of all? She looks fantastic with the What Wrought earrings! I wish you all a lovely rest of your week, weekend and start of the following week! You’ve from the first stroke of Friday until the last ticking of the clock on Monday eve to get your hands on these items for the special prices. Take care, and we’ll see you at Hatpins.


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