Hatpins – My 60L Secret

Hatpins - Sarah Hat - Blueberry

Pssst, I’ve got a secret or two for you. Can you keep them? Well, of course you can keep them if you want them! Our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of lovely goodies for you this week in the My 60L Secret sale. First up Sarah, who I’m certain will be your best friend if you can keep all her secrets. As you might be able to tell from her appearance she’s got a bit of a thing for blueberries, which may well explain her delicious color, eh? She also holds an obsession for flowers, which she loves to display upon the brim of her straw boater form. She’s ever the lovely lass methinks.

Hatpins - Vintage Earrings - Hematite and Quartz

And then there are the earrings. Mmmm, these speak so nicely to my ears, whispering the sweetest things to me. These Vintage Earrings feature hematite and quartz beads which are some of my favorite things, as well as knotwork and chains. Hematite is a wonderfully soothing stone. Both of these items will be found for the special 60L price starting as soon as Friday rolls into being, and ending on the last stroke of Monday eve. (That’s 12:01AM Friday – 11:59PM Monday for those who don’t speak Jeni-ese 😉 ) We’ll look forward to seeing you at Hatpins

Hatpins - Vintage Earrings

The Thing About Sarah


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