Hatpins Closing – The Memories


Every once in a while our dear Miss Reghan likes to take me by surprise. Imagine coming home from vacation to find that *gasp* Hatpins is closing. Now, I could sit here and be sad as I write what will be one of my final Hatpins posts, but sad isn’t my way. So instead I’d like to celebrate the memories, like the time mother and I had to save all our hats from a sinking ship. Now THAT was a fun vacation, though a bit soggy methinks.

Hatty Memories

I’ve worn many hats through the years as I’ve blogged for Reghan, MANY MANY hats. I’ve jumped from ships in hats, hung from hoops in hats… I’ve worn hats with flowers and ribbons and antlers and steam and cats and gears and and and…


Then we have the wreaths, which I must admit have always held an extra special appeal to me. I love being surrounded by lovely blossoms, and I’ve even gotten the puppy and the kitten in on the act. At one point or another I have gotten my entire family hatted and/or wreathed up. Sharing the joy is the thing I love to do best! So today I share the joy of the memories, and perhaps in the next day or so I’ll make a few more before the shop is no more. I encourage you to celebrate your memories, and to gather up more for the making during the Hatpins Closing Sale. Everything is 60L, and anything that was less than that to start is marked down also. I THINK there are about 6 days left before the doors close for the last time. I wish you all a wonderful week and we’ll see you at Hatpins



3 thoughts on “Hatpins Closing – The Memories

  1. kymsara says:

    Gonna really miss Hatpins. Discovered this wonderfully rich source of vintage hats when I was actively modeling with Ivalde. Reghan has always had the finest selection and I was always able to find just the right chapeau for the look I was styling. Thanks for the hats and the memories!

  2. Moonbeam says:

    Hatpins has had a special place in my heart and my life in SL since my discovery of the shop March, 2010. It was where I learned the tricks to be a successful hunter during a Steam hunt. By that December, I discovered the small but endearing selection of dresses Reghan had made for the Wynx avatar, of course her model “would” be a kitty and I was in love. For over two years, my kitty avatar wowed wherever she went, always in a Hatpins hat. I even learned to make Tinies clothes, inspired by Reghan’s work. I then discovered the Petite mesh avatar and how fortunate to find so many hats and wreaths sized down to fit. From vintage 40’s, Victorian gown or even stolen men’s waistcoats, trousers and shirts of the same era, Boho chic to simple jeans and sweater, Reghan has created sheer perfection in her hats and they truly can go with any outfit. While my heart is saddened by the loss of my favorite store, I wish our Miss Straaf all the best in whatever paths she takes within SL.

  3. 50 Winx says:

    Hatpins has been my favorite SL shop. I’m not much into the SL clothes scene, but I truly appreciated the artistry of Reghan’s work and the vintage styles. While I’ll be spending less Lindens, I will miss this SL treasure.

    I remember Reghan mentioning she finished school recently and was eager to embark on her career. My wish is that Reghan finds a path where she can showcase her amazing talents. Best of luck, Reghan!

    50 Winx

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