Hatpins – I Tip My Hat

Hatpins - Pippa Group Gift

Pssst, calling all hat lovers! *tips her hat in greetings* As you can see, our dear Miss Reghan has put out the final Hatpins Group Gift. Meet Pippa, dark and lovely. Featuring a delightfully textured brim and scrumptious flowers and feathers she’s ready to go for a walk and embrace the day, or night! Group members will find her waiting next to Hattie the Hatpins Cat over at PixelCat Textures.

For an extra splash of joy, since the group has been closed, non-members will find the hat available to purchase for 100L, what it would have cost to join the group. Please feel free to stop by, and we thank you for your love of hats. Now if you’ll excuse me, Pippa insists that I go change into something warmer before we go for our stroll!

Hatpins - Pippa


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