Hatpins – The Return

Oh what’s that I see, in the air… over there? Do my eyes see what they think they are seeing? Well what do you know, it’s a hat shop! And not just any hat shop, why no… That is most decidedly Hatpins, returned to my delight, and I hope yours as well. It’s a new Hatpins, smaller and relaxed, or in the words of our favorite milliner, nice and casual. Me, I think I will call it cozy and delightful. Allow me a moment please, if you will, to draw your attention to the hatbox that sits upon the counter. You’ll certainly be wanting to give that a touch, for it contains a gift for you! And you! Yes, you too!

Hatpins - Lise Hat

You’ll find some pretty hats for your shopping delight when you come to visit, and among them is the lovely Lise, who Miss Reghan has out for the Super Sales Weekend. A delightful bargain at 60L no doubt, a price that will last until Sunday eve. And should you find yourself wishing to accompany your hat with the same scarf Miss Reghan wears, then you will find that also for sale close by!

Hatpins Happy

You know what I love? Besides this pretty new topper Jeanette that is… I love the resize scripting, because then my sweet little buddy can wear the hats too! I think we’re going to go out dancing tonight, though that may not be a good idea, short stuff here likes to step on my toes. Perhaps instead a nice night in. Oh I know! I can hang out in Hatpins and play with the gacha! Yes, you heard right, there’s a gacha! And it’s full of gorgeous watches. 75L a play, oh the fun! There’s a pretty hat in the Midnight Mania board as well. Yes, all the fun to be had at Hatpins, we hope to see you there!

Hatpins Gacha Poster - Watches


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