Hatpins – Flowery Delights

Hatpins - Freya Floral Band - Blue and White

Greetings one and all! While real life me watches Spring slowly preparing for her arrival, the SL self is ready to leap into her arms with all the joy right now. Thankfully our dear Miss Reghan is helping with that in a beautiful way with her newest release. You’ll get your first look at Freya with the Super Sales Weekend event, with the blue and white color combination. A lovely piece to make the transition from winter to spring in these colors, no doubt! 60L is a lovely deal, until Sunday eve.

Hatpins - Freya Floral Band - Vintage

And then you will find the Vintage version in the Midnight Mania board. It only takes 18 people to lock it down and get the prize, so be sure to give it a tap when you’re here. And ready yourselves, because come March is the Steam hunt, and Hatpins will be in that. There’s every chance in the world that I’ve peeked at what our lovely milliner is up to for that… and OH MY! I wish you all a beautiful weekend, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Freya Vintage


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