All The Pretty Flowers

Hatpins - Freya Flora Band - Fawn and Ivory

Greetings and salutations! I’ve come with great joy to tell you about the newness happening at Hatpins. Super Sale Weekend is upon us and with it our dear Miss Reghan has a most lovely Freya floral hairband for your bargain shopping pleasure. In Fawn and Ivory this one is bound to become a favorite, both sweet and gentle. It’s certainly stolen my heart! And if those colors are not calling your name, then take a wander over to the Mardi Gras event at Mieville, where you’ll find Freya in the Mardi Gras colors! And if you spot someone nibbling on a pretty berry colored one in the Hatpins shop… well just gently swat me away and remind me that I’m not supposed to be eating the merchandise, if you would, please and thank you.

Hatpins - STEAM 9 - Colour Love Steamy Top Hat

Steam IX starts up on Saturday, and you be able to search the not at all giant shop for the hunt object and land yourself a copy of this delightful topper! Just wait til you get a look at this one on, the tubes are seriously entrancing, and I promise I’ve not mangled the feathers by playing with them too much. At least… not on any of the hats beyond my own. Feel free to have a try at the gacha while you’re here for the beautiful pocket watches, and smack the Midnight Mania board as well! Until the next time I wish you health and happiness, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!


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