Steamy Rainbows Moving

Hatpins - Eveline Hair Garland - Colab 117

Hello one and all! I’ve come bearing a couple of tidbits of news along with something new! As you can see above Hatpins is participating in Colab 117, with a lovely garland for your hair. Eveline is a vision of pretty color, and for a mere 75L she’ll keep your head lovely while being easy on your pocket.

Steam X has begun, and you’ll find Hatpins in that as well. The Steam X Top Hat is happily waiting for you to find it, and you’ve until March 31st to do so. You can find a hint to the location of the prize in the gear on the wall next to the Steam X poster, which itself is next to the stairs.

Oh! But to find those stairs, you’ll need to know where the shop is now. You see, the shop has taken a little trip across the grid so look for Hatpins HERE! Those of you with landmark objects will find them updated with the proper landmark.

I wish you all a most wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

Hatpins - Steam X Top Hat


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