Hatpins: A Brief History

2007: Reghan’s Hats opens up as a set of shelves displaying simple hats in a Norwegian furniture shop in September. Shortly afterwards, Reghan’s Hats moves to Skye Qi’s vintage village and finds a temporary home there in a rental shop.

2008: In May, Reghan’s Hats reopens as Hatpins in Caledon, thus meeting Miss Reghan’s first goal of purchasing a parcel. Hatpins would move from parcel to parcel in Caledon as it got bigger.

2009: Hatpins moves to Haute Couture sim under the aegis of Moxie Polano.

2010: Hatpins moves from Haute Couture to a long-time place on Venus sim. Briefly, clothing is added to the shop, but doesn’t stay. Accessories, however, start to extend beyond hats and include scarves, spectacles, and jewelry.

June 2010: Jenica Landar becomes the blogger for Hatpins.

2013: Hatpins destroyed by fire. Deliberately. Shop closes down for good at that point. But…

2014: Miss Reghan finds herself making hats again. Opens a new store in an attic-type sort of building. Calls it Hatpins but for the most part, ignores its existence.

2015: Hatpins makes a definite return, and now lives on the Scott sim. The inventory of the shop is not what it was in its heyday, but it’s being worked on

Visit Hatpins in Second Life: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scott/101/57/29


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